Pausing for the Tea Drinker

for tea experts and tea enthusiasts alike


INDIVIDUAL TEA, HOT OR ICED - We have over 50 tea options in the shop that can be served hot or iced, with many non-caffeinated options. Sip on it in the shop or take it with you to go. We charge the same price per cup, regardless of the tea, because we want to provide our customers the opportunity to experience any of our teas.

SPARKLING TEA - We brew a concentrated version of our tea, lightly sweeten it, and then carbonate it with CO2 in a keg (don’t worry, it’s non-alcoholic!). Flavor rotate every 1-2 weeks, and we typically have a black, green, and herbal version. Drink it in the shop, and then grab a glass or liter of it to take home.


All of our teas can be purchased in 2oz increments (as long as we have enough in stock) of loose leaf tea to steep at home. Prices vary based upon tea.


We host a variety of tea-related events in the shop. Follow us on social media for the latest schedules.

AFTER HOURS - Twice a month we create an alcohol-free space for our community to come and hang out. We serve non-alcoholic speciality drinks based upon our teas, partner with other local food entrepreneurs, and often provide entertainment like improv comedy, live music, and literary trivia.